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Who is the Founder and CEO of ANNERI Company?

Gilsanne Mutuku Founder and CEO ANNERI

Gilsanne Mutuku, 29 years old, born in Nairobi, Kenya, on an international mission, daughter of a Kenyan father and Brazilian mother. Migrated to Brazil at the age of 4 with her mother, and had her life, education and career founded on Brazilian soil, in Porto Alegre capital of Rio Grande do Sul State. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Zenit-UFRGS Technological Park, Innovation and Internationalization Mentor at UNIDO, Zenit-UFRGS and Sebrae Like a Boss, member of the World Economic Forum, EDB Singapore, UN Global Compact and Corporate Diplomat. Boutique consulting Company for International Impact Businesses I always like to emphasize that ANNERI is a dream I've had since I was a little girl. Today Barbie has brought nostalgic feelings to many people. And for me too, I never had a barbie, but I had a Susi that I used to play with and imagine that I was the Founder of my own company. At the time there was no home office, and electric cars and I already imagined working like that and having an electric car, because I was always concerned with nature and I welcomed to the home office practices. Even though ANNERI has been a dream since I was a little girl, I had many challenges that sometimes erased or hid this desire in a corner of my memory and heart. It seemed more and more impossible to accomplish it. At the time, I was a middle-class girl with dual nationality. And then I went into extreme poverty. And when I thought I could follow that dream again, I had a health problem in the family that made me stop everything and lose almost all the money I had invested and saved over the course of a few years.

And soon after came the pandemic that left things more delicated. So I returned to the job market, but the issue of the dominant and protagonist personality prevented me from being happy and satisfied with my role. That's when I talked to the manager of the company I've worked for, and I've decided that entrepreneurship was exactly what I wanted, and I was postponing it, since if I believed in my ideas and mentoring I had to go there and do it myself. ANNERI Company

"Companies create impact, now, it is important that they (impacts) are positive" My theory is: Well-structured and innovative companies make positive impacts now, and if the theory of change brings changes where they need to, wouldn't the impact be greater? Globalization has its negative aspects, but it has very positive aspects when aligned with the theory of change and social and environmental responsibility. Expanding consciously and sustainably is much more beneficial for companies, governments and society. "Entrepreneurship and Propositive Strategic Consulting" One of the issues that I see as a differential is that I was already rich, as a child, I was already middle class, I was already in extreme poverty. I have worked in Large, Medium and Small Companies. I have worked in public and private organizations. I have dual nationality and I started working very early. In addition to the courses and academic certificates I have, I always look at business strategy from the point of view of all angles. And I brought multidisciplinary people close to me to explore the maximum possibilities in my team. Technology has greatly facilitated the lives of people and companies, in the right hands, it can do great things for humanity. ANNERI is a Corporate with a Lean startup mentality that brings greater innovation and ease of improving processes. The focus is always on customization, innovation and sustainability. Less rigidity and more creativity with responsibility. Dominant Personality and Protagonist Self knowledge Gilsanne Mutuku discovered herself as a dominant personality and protagonist when she became a consultant and mentor. For a while she reports: "I believed that my personality was a flaw, not a strength. I was seen as distant, cold and "bossy". And also very creative and innovative for some companies that followed a rigid standard and did not have the culture of innovation. You look like a teacher, I need advice and analysis! Advisory side "I was reached out by people older and sometimes much more experienced than me" During this period I got to know myself, I believed that I was sought after because I was the daughter of a teacher, and for studying and reading a lot, leading me to have a level of knowledge beyond the academy. I was studying law and social sciences at the same time, and on the weekends, I was reading as a hobby about robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Art History and Geopolitical Conflicts. "Laughter" "I found out why I was wanted. I had ideas outside the box. I don't follow clichés." Working as a real estate investment consultant (Proptech), I realized that the technology that I read as a hobby could go much further, and I entered the Business Management MBA. I saw that I didn't want to be just a consultant, I had acquired knowledge that gave me great solutions in situations of pressure and stress. And in that period I also found out through tests that I was a person with a protagonist and dominant personality. That's how I saw that there were companies that needed a consulting service with a profile of innovation, customization and sustainability. Where the Global Mindset is fundamental to have greater competitiveness. And a culture of social responsibility aligned with ESG and SDG30 leads to positive long-term outcomes. According to CGD (Center For Global Development) globalization from the point of view of the Logistics Economy, where the Comparative Advantage Theory has not disappeared. As a migrant, I understand the reality of developing in an economy different from yours, and the fragility of legal guarantees and citizenship affects simple things like opening a bank account or having social security when you work, this also influences companies and their development where the law still does not reach all social changes at the same speed. Common standards and rules for the treatment of asylum seekers, multilateral resources to help receiving countries bear the costs of migratory surges caused by conflict or climate change, standardized and efficient work programs for guests, multilateral support for economic policies that help migrants become engines of growth are all possible if governments realize their common interest in collectively managing migration to maximize gains and minimize costs.

At ANNERI we perceive some risks that Companies and Governments have, international companies need to intensify their data privacy policies, as well as have safe and free access to information for their expansion and efficiency in the performance of their operations. Another issue is the increase in industrial production of technology and artificial intelligence by conservative and protectionist governments, leading to competition between public and private sectors in the production of technologies and production of data and information.

Recognition is growing that our own lives are impacted by events that can only be managed effectively through global coordination. Pandemics and climate change are the most obvious, but biological and cyber terrorism, combating illicit financial flows, data privacy rules and rules on the use of artificial intelligence are examples where we need almost everyone to act in the same or parallel way for the world to be safe. It is important for companies and governments to have this confrontation of realities to extract the best from global solutions that positively impact people, cooperation is fundamental for development, taking into account all market and international actors is the difference between bringing a positive impact or continuing with practices that put humanity behind. The bottom line is that globalization will have to evolve with a broader concept of national interest, defined in terms broader than economic efficiency to include the pressing social and environmental challenges faced by rich and poor countries alike. At the same time, managing global flows will require new and expanded multilateral structures that bring together disparate ministries, poorer vulnerable countries and key private actors. This will certainly make globalization and its management more complex, but it is far better than trying to erect barriers in a vain attempt to deter irresistible and potentially very beneficial global forces. ANNERI has this purpose, to provide consultancy, corporate diplomacy, mentoring, research, analysis and real-time monitoring to maximize the positive impact of companies and governments globally and also benefit humanity with strategies that are truly concerned with the future of all. Glocalization, where thinking is global and actions are local. Reference:


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