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Presented by Gilsanne Mutuku,
Founder & CEO at ANNERI Co.

The Project is aimed at women in situations of social vulnerability who want to conquer the world. The project is guided by SDGs 1,3 5, 8, 9, 10 and 17. In other words, it aims to help fight poverty, help promote gender equality, provide mechanisms for decent work and economic growth, foster innovation and technology as a means of empowerment, industrial development and reduction of inequalities. Ensuring women's rights and health and well-being. All ANNERI's Company Consultancies and Mentorships will have 10% of the value of the service destined to the Maya Around the World Project.

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Our Team


Cibelle Gerardi

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Cibelle Gerardi  is a lawyer, working in the areas of social security law, international law, civil law and women's law.Her instagram is @cibellegerardi.

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Letícia Martins

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Letícia is a Collaborative Lawyer and Strategist.Acts with various demands of family, succession, civil and business law.Member of the Brazilian Institute of Family Law (IBDFAM).Its main motivation is to bring simple and agile legal resolutions to all people!. Her instagram is @leticiamanrtinsc.adv


Paula Borges

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Paula Borges  is a lawyer and influencer. She works in the areas of women's rights, as well as on her instagram account @paularborgess, talks about motherhood, travel and female empowerment.

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Daniela Vasconcellos

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Daniela Vasconcellos is a Lawyer,  she works in the Civil, Family and Social Security area. She is a mediator for the Family Court in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Current vice-president of the Racial Equality Commission of the OAB/SC.Website is


Adriana Foltz

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Adriana Foltz is a lawyer in family and succession law, domestic violence, civil, labor and social security.


Rosana Gabriela

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Rosana Gabriela Andrade, Entrepreneur,
Journalist and Specialist in Digital Strategy.

website is


Marília Simão

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Marília Simão is CEO and Founder of H. UP Assessoria Financial BPO company for SMEs in the Civil Construction sector.The website is

In this project we will cover

E-book Startup MAYA


Workshop Pitch Day

November 21-28/2022

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Live 06.07.2022

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Talk about Law and Women

Live 13.07.2022

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Talk about Finance

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Live 20.07.2022

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Talk about Personal Branding

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